feminist killjoy reporting for duty

this was one of my top 3 sitcoms, made me guffaw more than once every episode, treated their women characters and their sexuality in a way i’ve never seen on any other show, including having a very sexually active lady without slut shaming her, storylines that didn’t revolve over pining over a guy, lady masturbation humor, and so much more. plus it had james van der beek showing off his a+ comedic timing and line reading. don’t trust the b was that refreshingly fresh, honest, and flat out hilarious. and it SUCKS that they won’t even air the remaining 8 episodes. pouring out a handle of vodka for not having chloe & co. on tv anymore.

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    Seconding all of this.
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    Aww maaaaaan, I’m happy for Happy Endings but I REALLY loved this show, this is such a bummer and I am pretty pissed...
  11. airportappreciation said: i’m fairly indifferent to this show, but i’m sad to see it go. and also, i have never, ever understood why networks won’t air produced episodes. they sink a lot of money into them, and they’ve got at least a little bit of audience.
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