feminist killjoy reporting for duty

So I love love loved the Anne and Ryan friendship plot, and that ultimately they were there for each other as friends supporting each other the way no one else could. And I loved that Anne finally got some, not just for character growth, but also because it’s nice when a queer character goes beyond a sexless sidekick and can have a level of romantic parity.

That said, I do have to say it was a kind of artificial parity between Anne and Ryan for them to get to the same spot emotionally at the end of the episode. Ryan got several episodes devoted to him and Simone as the A-plot. Anne got one episode with her flame as the B-plot.

Not that I’m begrudging Ryan that time per se, it’s just that while I do really like Ryan, sometimes on a meta level it’s really frustrating that we always have to have a straight white dude as a leading role in order to even get a fraction of the storyline for other characters that are less “mainstream”. It took 18 episodes for Anne to get a single kiss, meanwhile Ryan has had more than one love interest and had a scene in bed with another woman. It just kind of sucks that we as viewers are supposed to accept that Anne and Ryan are equals in regard to their emotional recovery based on their ability to accept relationships and affection when they haven’t been given the same amount of regard with their storylines, screen time, or romantic affection.